I am currently a part of the Intelligent Robotics Lab, where I work with some cool people who do cool things using robots.

Pygmalion Festival

We are currently working on a technology exhibit for the Pygmalion Festival, where we are making drones follow trajectories based on touch input to an android phone. We record the trajectories using long-exposure photography to get some pretty cool results.


Automation Supporting Prolonged Independent Residence for the Elderly is an NSF- funded collaborative research project that aims to bring together experts in Control Theory, Engineering, Human-Computer Interaction and Psychology to envision a future society in which humans and co-robots behave and interact safely and effectively while occupying shared spaces. 

I have conducted a literature review on Human Robot Interaction, designed experiments in Virtual Reality, and am currently in the process of building a drone that serves as a proof of concept on the feasibility of robots in the household.